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LearnCube Online Whiteboard (only) - What is it?
LearnCube Online Whiteboard (only) - What is it?

Understanding the LearnCube interactive online whiteboard (only)

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A whiteboard is a key feature of any classroom. With the LearnCube Online Whiteboard, you’ll have access to a fully functional whiteboard that offers a range of useful tools.

So, what does the Online Whiteboard do, and how does it make teaching more effective?

Real-time functionality wherever you’re located

The LearnCube Online Whiteboard allows you to instantly connect with students, regardless of location. This means that even though you’re not in a physical classroom, you have all of the tools you need to be able to teach effectively. In fact, we’d argue that the LearnCube Online Whiteboard has a number of distinct advantages over a traditional whiteboard.

A whole toolbox of features

The LearnCube Online Whiteboard will give you access to an easy space to draw, write, share documents, and display digital resources such as mp3 files, images and YouTube videos. All of these features can be enabled with a few simple clicks. You’ll have access to your own online content library and be able to easily interact with students, ensuring they benefit from effective teaching and learning.

Multiple tabs

Unlike a traditional whiteboard where you’ll need to wipe away content and start from scratch, the LearnCube Online Whiteboard will allow you to use up to 6 tabs. You can also prepare these in advance of your class, making it easy to be organised and ready to teach. You can also modify the tab names by double-clicking on their title.


Teachers and students can easily interact from within the Online Whiteboard. As well as real-time annotations, there’s a text chat so you can easily interact. Students can also draw and write on the whiteboard if the teacher would like.

Subject-based tools

You’ll be able to immediately use subject-specific tools, which are fully integrated into the Online Whiteboard. These include Maths, Chemistry and Physics tools.

If you're a language teacher, you can make use of instant conjugation tables.

Easy to Manage

The LearnCube Online Whiteboard allows users to easily manage their sessions. As a teacher, you can lock the whiteboard if you don’t want students to be able to write or draw.


If you’re looking for a product that’s easy to use and works without any complicated installations, we have good news. The LearnCube Online Whiteboard works through your browser. You don’t need to download anything or have any fancy plugins installed.

Additionally, the Online Whiteboard is compatible with your Android, iPad or iPhone device. You can also use it with your touchscreen and tablet writing pads.

Our Virtual Classroom might be a better fit if...

You want video and audio functionality

The LearnCube Online Whiteboard doesn’t come with video or audio functionality. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that includes these features, we’d recommend our Virtual Classroom instead.

You want to be able to screen share

The LearnCube Online Whiteboard won’t allow you to share your screen. This feature, however, is available in the Virtual Classroom

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