If you're teaching a class, it's ideal to keep the class engaging but also to keep momentum.  To facilitate this LearnCube allows you to copy/paste images into your classroom (e.g. ctrl c, ctrl v)

You can also follow this example... so you're teaching someone in a class.

Your students asks a question, which you start explaining on the interactive whiteboard.

To make it feel more interesting, you want to add an image.

That's easy with LearnCube. You go to your favourite website to get a free image.

You take a screenshot with the goal to copy and paste into the whiteboard.

When you open up the screenshot on your computer, you select all (shortcut Cmd A for Mac ; Ctrl A for other) and copy (Cmd c for Mac ; Ctrl c for other).

You tab back to your whiteboard and then paste (Cmd v for Mac ; Ctrl v for other) 

This pastes it into the whiteboard but without saving to your permanent library, otherwise your library can get out of hand.

The result: More visual teaching and more effective learning.

And don't be afraid to make it fun :)

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