Virtual Classroom...what is it?

Understanding the LearnCube Virtual Classroom

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What is a virtual classroom? A virtual classroom is a learning space where both teachers and students can see, hear and interact with students in real time via the internet.

Understanding the LearnCube Virtual Classroom

  1. Brand our virtual classroom as your own

  2. Interact and collaborate with students on the Whiteboard in real-time (i.e. practice together - write, draw, annotate, watch videos, listen to audio files, etc)

  3. Save your teaching materials to your Content Library or simply drag & drop your files onto the whiteboard. Teachers also have the option to use screen-sharing combined with our annotation tools for a more interactive experience.

  4. Share links and engage students using our advanced text chat.

  5. Generate exercises tailored to the learner using our AI Teacher Assistant (available from 30 November 2023)

  6. Gain deep insights into the behaviour and learning progress of your students by leveraging our Online School or API, crucial for maintaining high-quality education at scale.

If you have any questions, please connect with our team at or via the chat bubble on the bottom right of your page.

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