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What is LearnCube's Content Library?
What is LearnCube's Content Library?

How does LearnCube's cloud-based lesson materials library work?

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The Content Library is where all of your lesson materials are stored. You can use it to store, manage, and share files and access them in class.

You can easily access your lesson materials in class by clicking on the green "Lesson Materials" button on the bottom right of the whiteboard.

Outside of class, the Library Admin section allows you to preview files, manage files & folders, and update properties such as level, subject, category, etc. These properties will help you find the materials you need in class quickly.

In the LearnCube Online School, administrators have the ability to share files and folders with specific teacher accounts.

lesson materials in LearnCube's Virtual Classroom

This means that you can give access to your Science curriculum to only your Science teachers and your English curriculum to only your English teachers by assigning relevant folders to them. They can then preview the files in their Library Admin and open them in their Virtual Classroom.

share folders in LearnCube's lesson materials Content Library

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