The whiteboard helps you teach more effectively and visually. It's like the whiteboard you wish you had in the physical classroom.

It's simple, fast and easy to use.

You can quickly:

  • Make notes and write
  • Draw and sketch ideas
  • Wipe the whiteboard with a click or delete an element
  • Access specialist teacher tools

Want to use your own teaching resources. No problem.

  • Upload materials, PDF's, google docs, images, videos
  • Drag and drop already uploaded materials into the whiteboard (i.e. embed commonly used materials in your whiteboard)
  • Highlight, draw and annotate important sections of the materials you upload
  • Feel free to embed links to your favourite resources, urls and web pages

And to give you a taste of the kinds of innovation we're developing, we actually won the 2015 world Wacom Inkathon in Las Vegas for a break-through technology that will enable the best digital writing experience on the market. So look out, there's more to come...

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