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Teaching Maths and Science in the LearnCube Virtual Classroom
Teaching Maths and Science in the LearnCube Virtual Classroom

LearnCube's maths functionality has tools like a ruler, protractor and angle. Plus more advanced tools for maths and science classes!

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Aside from shapes, you'll also have access to some basic maths tools on the Whiteboard, namely:

  • a ruler,

  • a protractor,

  • and, an angle tool.

Clicking on the green Lesson Materials button will allow you to access even more tools:

You can share and annotate on top of some of your favourites tools including:

  • Desmos (for graphing)

  • Phet (for more engaging and interactive tasks)

  • and many more.

We also highly recommend taking screenshots of the products of those exercises which drag & drop into your whiteboard. This is a way of ensure you keep a record of what was taught through the class review.

Watch a video on more advanced features in the classroom:

You can also use our free Wolfram Alpha library.

Just click on the object or images you would like to add to the whiteboard.

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