Remember that LearnCube works by allowing you and your teacher to stream video/audio through your web browser.

This means you need:

  1. A relatively modern computer (we support PC's less than 3 years old)
  2. A modern web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
  3. A reliable internet connection

So if you're experiencing an issue it's likely linked to one of these areas...

The most common issues and causes are:

  1. If I can't enter the class, maybe I haven't clicked Enter Class or maybe there's a firewall issue
  2. If the teacher cannot see or cannot hear me, then I may not have given permission for my browser to access my webcam or mic (need to click Allow each time)
  3. If other students can hear the teacher but I can't hear other students or the teacher, then it's possibly an audio setup/driver issue
  4. If I'm the one getting kicked out, it's likely an internet connection issue
  5. If I'm inside the class but neither mine or my teacher's video is loading, it's likely a firewall issue

Click on the links above to find a solution to each.


There are two key tools that will help you identify the cause of the issue:

  1. Troubleshooter (click here to test)
  2. Network checker (click here to test)

Note the Troubleshooter is not able to test in such a short time but hopefully picks the most common issues.

If you notice that the page, it's stuck 'initialising' or does not load or you think there's a glitch, please take a screenshot with a small description of what expected/happened and send it to us at [email protected]

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