Sometimes your connection might be fast, but still variable. 

Normally you can spot who has a weak connection by the bar icon on the top right corner of the user's video.

If you have a connection issue (for example your video is no longer displaying, or you are unable to interact with your student) you can do one of two things:

1 - Refresh your page
2 - Disconnect and later reconnect to the the classroom from Settings

Clicking once will disconnect you from the classroom, and click again to reconnect. 

This shows what a student will see.

Our advice would be:

  • Please check if the internet indicator suggests the issue is with your network.
  • Communicate with the student via the chat or email that your connection is variable and ask for the student to stay in the class for 5 minutes while you have a chance to refresh your webpage.
  • Do one of the above options to refresh the page
  • Try disabling your video or use "whiteboad only" mode to reduce the bandwidth required and make an unstable connection feel less severe. 
  • Perhaps try moving to a different part of the room/house where your connection is better.

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