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What to do if the video is dropping out or the audio is breaking up?
What to do if the video is dropping out or the audio is breaking up?

How to identify and solve a likely problem with a variable internet connection

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Sometimes your connection might be fast, but still variable.

Normally you can spot who has a weak connection by the bar icon on the top right corner of the user's video.

If you have a connection issue (for example, your video is no longer displaying, or you are unable to interact with the other person), you can do one of three things:

1 - Refresh your video/audio

2 - Refresh your page
3 - Disconnect and later reconnect to the classroom from Settings

How to refresh video/audio:

How to disconnect and later reconnect to the classroom from Settings:

These are steps you can take to identify or mitigate the problem of an unstable connection:

  • Please check if the internet indicator suggests the issue is with your network.

  • If you are on a mobile device using mobile data, we would highly recommend switching to a computer with a wifi connection if possible.

  • Have you tried refreshing the video/audio, as explained above?

  • Try disabling your video, or the teacher can use "whiteboard only" mode to reduce the bandwidth required, which will make an unstable connection feel less severe.

  • Perhaps try moving to a different part of the room/house where your connection is better.

  • Some people have more luck with their internet using an alternative video/audio provider like Zoom/Google Meet. A teacher can select an external video provider from inside the classroom.

  • And remember, internet connection problems are common across the world, even in cities that are apparently meant to have the best connections. Please be patient and use the chat to keep the other side informed of what you're trying.


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