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How to control the video/audio in the Virtual Classroom
How to control the video/audio in the Virtual Classroom

Enable or disable the webcam, mic or remove a student user

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The Virtual Classroom gives teachers the ability to control the entire class videos and audio. They can :

  • Turn on/off the student video

  • Turn on/off the student audio


  1. Inside the virtual classroom, you'll see the student video

  2. Inside the video, there are two icons (camera and microphone)

  3. Click to turn on or off

Students have the ability to mute or unmute themselves but not other users.

I mute the student, but they keep unmuting themselves

In situations where one participant is repeatedly disrupting the class, we do have a last-resort option. If you click on the student's profile icon in the bottom left of the classroom, there is the option to remove the student from the classroom.

You will need to choose a reason for removing the student from the popup window, and then you can confirm the removal.

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