Firewalls and LearnCube

Do you suspect you have an issue related to a firewall? Perhaps your video/audio never works in the class, cuts out or is really slow?

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What is a firewall?

A firewall is a network security system that is used to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network.

Firewalls are commonly used by universities, schools, organisations and companies that are particularly cautious about data protection and security. Some users also have a personal firewall on their PC computer.

A firewall can slow down video/audio inside the class (because the most efficient ports are blocked) or may completely stop the video from displaying.

What does it look like to a LearnCube user?

Are you or your students finding that your video/audio never works in the LearnCube classroom? Maybe it cuts out every time you use it or is really slow?
See example images at the bottom of this article for examples of how a user might experience a firewall.

How to test for a firewall

Do you think a firewall is impacting your experience on LearnCube? You can conduct a quick free firewall test by clicking here from the place you or other students will be conducting the class.

Did the test pass?

If it shows any errors for any of the tests, there is a good chance a firewall has blocked LearnCube from streaming audio or video via the browser.

What to do about a firewall

If you see any errors and:

  • If you think it is a country-wide firewall (e.g. China), then we're sorry but this is not something LearnCube will be able to solve.

  • If you think it is a company-wide firewall, please pass our latest Firewall Settings to the company IT team to whitelist LearnCube (Note: If sharing with a company, please share the link rather than a PDF as the link will stay up-to-date)

  • If you think it is a personal firewall, try disabling this (as seen at the bottom of this article).

Do they have a firewall if you're taking your class at your office or university?

Note, you may need the IT department to allow LearnCube access if there is you want to take a class at an office or University.

Individual firewalls

Do you have a personal firewall or anti-virus that includes a firewall? For example, McAfee, Windows Defender, Norton.

Try disabling this and see if this solves the firewall issue.

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