If you are wondering why a student or teacher might have experienced problems in the class and wonder if it might have something to do with the internet connection, we have created a really helpful tool for investigating this...

Post-Class Review Q.O.C Tab (Quality of Class)

This looks at two important indicators:

  1. % of Packet Loss (the experience is video/audio drop outs or interrruption])

  2. Jitter (the experience is choppy or scrambled audio)

Access this from the post-class review feature found in your Past Classes. Then you navigate to "Q.O.C"

Examples of common connection problems identified through the QOC

"Packet-loss Rollercoaster": Where packet loss surges from normal to bad and back again (a 3% - 5% in packet loss is going to negatively impact the experience)

"Packet-loss Cliff": Where you see a cliff or gap where there is no information (i.e. the internet has dropped out)

"Spikes": Where you see a sudden increase in audio jitter into the "Bad" category (this may be experienced with the user's audio being choppy, mechanical or lost)

LearnCube does what it can to ensure a great experience but real-time communication on any platform relies on a stable connection.  

If you'd like to learn more about internet connection issues, see more here. 

Top Tips:

  • Isolate away regular interactions by selecting them in the coloured boxes at the top of the graphs. This will leave you with the outliers who would be the ones experiencing issues. 

  • Take screenshots and send them to users to better explain why they might have had a poor experience or educate students on how they can see this for themselves in the shared post-class review.

  • Encourage users complaining of internet issues to test their setup using our troubleshooter and/or ask them to go to www.fast.com and check their connection.

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