We want you to have the best experience in our virtual classroom so we've developed this 30-second test to ensure you're ready for your class.

For Online School Premium & Online School Lite:

Your school's troubleshooter link is your school URL, followed by " /troubleshooter ".

For example:


You can also just click on this link.

This will check your:

  1. Web browser - We encourage Chrome in general but only Safari 13+ will work on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad

  2. Webcam - so people can see you

  3. Microphone - so people can hear you

  4. Internet speed - because a slow connection could compromise video, audio or document sharing

Please do this well ahead of your class so you can be prepared for it.

For Virtual Classroom teachers and students:

We have some links you can choose below based on your language:

If you prefer to watch a video, this one will help you:

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