At a glance our virtual classroom has exactly what you would expect an education-specific virtual classroom would have:

1.1   Your branding - Logo, brand colour, subdomain option (only API)
1.2  Teaching modes - standard, conversation, whiteboard-only
1.3  Multiple interface languages (e.g. German, French, etc)
2.1  Quality video and reliable audio
2.2 Ability to teachers 1:1 and small group classes ( < 8 students)
3.1  Teaching tools
3.2 Multiple whiteboard or lesson materials
4.1 .Library of lesson materials (PDF, video, YouTube, Google Docs, etc)
5.1 Text chat

However the list is much more exciting that including revolutionary features like 'Post class review', access to 'Past-class materials' and 'instant conjugation tables' for language teachers and maths tools.

If you'd like to see how LearnCube compares with web-conferencing software or other virtual classrooms, please click on this link.

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