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Classroom Modes: Standard, Conversation or Whiteboard-and-Audio-Only.
Classroom Modes: Standard, Conversation or Whiteboard-and-Audio-Only.

Want to change the format or view of your classroom to match the situation?

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Just as teaching in a physical classroom, you'll want to use different class setups, formats and "modes" in order to create the most effective learning environment.

You can use LearnCube classroom modes to achieve this:

  • Standard view 

  • Conversation mode

  • Whiteboard mode

Access is only available to the teacher and from the top of the page.

1 - Standard Mode (Default)

You're already familiar with this!

2 - Conversation Mode

Conversation Mode is great for just that - chatting, building rapport and when you don't need the whiteboard.

Teaching groups?

No problem.

In the Conversation Mode, make sure you take advantage of the grid selection option at the bottom to switch between small thumbnail videos for more than 4, larger thumbnails when you have less than 5 students, or fit to screen which will automatically resize the thumbnails to best suit the class size.

3 - Whiteboard-and-Audio-Only Mode

If you don't need the video or want to focus the students on the materials or whiteboard, use our "Whiteboard-Only Mode".

By hiding the video, the whiteboard can take up almost the entire screen.

This is also particularly good if on a smartphone where the video can be a distraction.

Happy teaching!

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