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LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant - Overview
LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant - Overview

How does the AI Teaching Assistant work within the Virtual Classroom?

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What is Learncube's AI Teacher Assistant?

Using our new AI Teaching Assistant, teachers can now quickly and effectively create personalized exercises and activities for students to complete during or after class.

The AI Teacher Assistant enables teachers to choose from the specific vocabulary used during the class as the foundation for their exercises. It will also offer the flexibility to select the type of exercise and student level, as well as the option to add related vocabulary and other specifications to customise the activity for each student's needs and teacher's goals.

What kind of exercises can the Learncube AI Teacher Assistant generate?

The AI Teacher Assistant can create seven types of exercises:

  • Word Match

  • Close Gap (Fill The Blanks)

  • Writing Prompts

  • Grammar Exercise

  • Reading Text

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Reading Comprehension (True / False)

These activities can help students of all levels improve their language skills.

How to use the AI Teacher Assistant

Open the AI Teaching Assistant tab on the right panel of the Virtual Classroom by selecting the AI icon.

Teachers have the ability to select each field and choose:

  1. Subject: Choose from the dropdown based on the class given

  2. Level: Select based on the student from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

  3. Exercise Type: Choose from seven options according to the class goal.

  4. Highlighted: Select words or phrases from class documents with the Smart Highlighter. Add alternatives to exercise foundation.

  5. Additional Notes: Option to include specific notes to help tailor the exercise to your particular student. e.g., " my student is a child."

  6. Options: Select to get the exercise answer key in the results or add related vocabulary to it.

To create an exercise, follow these steps:

  • Choose your subject, level, and exercise type.

  • Select the Smart Highlighter tool and highlight from the whiteboard or materials used during class the words and phrases you want to include in your exercise. These will be added to the "selected words/phrases" area. You can edit or remove them later by clicking on them. (Teachers can use the Smart Highlighter throughout the entire class.)

  • If you want to add words or phrases manually, you can add them in this step.

  • Add useful notes to inform the AI Assistant about your student to generate a more tailored exercise.

  • Select any additional options, such as getting the Keys for the exercise, or let the assistant know you want it to add relevant vocabulary. Then click "Ask Assistant".

  • The AI Assistant will generate a new exercise based on the prompts given that will appear in a pop-up box with the option for the teacher to edit.

  • Edit the exercise or click on "Add to the whiteboard."

Note:The student cannot view the exercise until it is added to the whiteboard. This gives teachers the opportunity to review and make any necessary edits.

What is the Smart Highlighter?

The Smart Highlighter tool is designed to empower teachers by allowing them to handpick words or phrases that can be used as a foundation for creating exercises. This process is made more efficient and effective with the tool's help.

To access the Smart Highlighter, teachers can choose it from the tools menu, which can be found inside the "draw" family of tools. Alternatively, they can use the AI Teacher Assistant panel to access it directly.

Once a word or phrase has been selected using the Smart Highlighter tool, it will appear in the "Highlighted" section of the AI panel. If a teacher decides that a word or phrase is no longer needed, it can be easily removed.

Smart Highlighter - AI Teacher Assitant Learncube

Where are AI Teacher Assistant Exercises stored after class?

After generating and adding an AI Teacher Assistant exercise to the whiteboard, teachers can conveniently access it from their library folders. The file can be identified by an AI icon and utilised as a part of their teaching materials.

Ai Teacher Assistant - Exercises in the library

Note: We invite our wonderful community of teachers to share feedback on their experience with the AI Teacher assistant. Once you have tried this feature, please leave your comments and suggestions by clicking on this link.
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