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How does the Learncube AI Teacher Assistant work in the Homework feature

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Learncube has recently launched a new feature that allows educators to create personalized homework assignments that are perfectly aligned with the content taught in their virtual classes. The AI Teaching Assistant enables teachers to generate unique and highly relevant exercises for their students in just a few seconds. This feature allows teachers to incorporate class-specific vocabulary and customize the assignments according to the students' needs, providing them with a flexible and efficient way to create tailored homework assignments. 

When Online School users access the homework feature from the past class list, teachers have the option to create activities generated by the AI Teacher Assistant by clicking on the AI Icon and following a few simple steps:

Selecting Vocabulary

1. Access the Highlighter Tool:

Once selected, and if you would like to use vocabulary from specific documents loaded to the whiteboard, you can

- Click once to select a single word.

- Drag the highlighter over a group of words to select a phrase.

2. Review and Modify Selections:

- View the chosen words and phrases in the Teaching Assistant window.

- Remove highlighted words by clicking on the "x".

- Add new words by selecting "+New Tag".

3. Clicking on "+Words/Phrases", add relevant other vocabulary relevant to the exercise.

Crafting the Prompt

1. Exercise Type and Settings:

- Choose the exercise type from the available options:

  • Word Match

  • Close Gap (Fill The Blanks)

  • Writing Prompts

  • Grammar Exercise

  • Reading Text

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Reading Comprehension (True / False)

2. Dropdown Selections:

- Select the subject and suitable level from the dropdown menus.

3. Additional options:

- Select based on your homework's desired results.

3. Ask Assistant:

- Once settings are configured, click "Ask Assistant" to generate the homework prompt.

Editing the Exercise

1. Reviewing the Generated Exercise:

- The generated exercise will appear in a new window.

2. Edit if Necessary:

- If changes are needed, click the "Edit" button.

3. Adding to Whiteboard:

- If satisfied with the exercise, click "Add to Whiteboard" to integrate it into your virtual classroom seamlessly.

Once saved, you can share the homework with your students as you're used to already.

Important Note:

Saving to Content Library:

- After being added to the whiteboard, the exercise is automatically saved as a document in your Content Library for future use.

- It will be marked with an AI icon and named based on the chosen prompt.

LearnCube's innovative feature not only streamlines the homework creation process but also ensures that assignments are tailored to the specific needs of each virtual class. By combining the power of the AI Teaching Assistant with easy-to-use tools, online tutors can enhance their teaching experience and provide more personalized learning opportunities for their students.

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