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LearnCube's Interactive Homework Feature
LearnCube's Interactive Homework Feature

How to use the Homework feature to assign exercises outside of class.

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LearnCube's interactive homework feature is an optional add-on available for Online School accounts.

Overview - How the Homework Feature Works

Homework rooms are very similar to regular Virtual Classrooms. The main difference is that homework rooms do not include live video conferencing, since they are not live classes. The homework rooms include:

  • A whiteboard, where the exercise is completed. The whiteboard works just like that in a standard classroom, except for one difference. Each student has their own individual version to edit and submit their homework.

  • you can upload materials and add annotations

  • An instructions panel, where you can leave notes and exercise instructions

  • A chatbox where students can ask questions.

2. How to Set Homework

How to access the Homework feature

You can set homework immediately after class by clicking on the "homework" button on the lesson summary screen.

If you have already left the classroom, you can set homework from your past classes.

From the dashboard, click on 'Past Classes'.

Find the class you'd like to set homework for and click on the "Homework" button.

Setting the homework exercise

The teacher can add materials and annotations as usual, from the content library or uploaded directly from their computer.

The panel on the left lists the teacher and the student(s) for that class.

  • When the teacher's name is selected, you can create a master homework exercise, which is set for everyone.

  • When a student's name is selected, you can add additional notes or exercises, just for them. For example, if one student struggled in a group class, you might add some extra hints or tips to help them understand the exercise.

The information panel, marked "i", is where you can add exercise instructions, and will be visible to students when they open the homework.

The chat panel allows students to ask questions asynchronously (or synchronously if both teacher and student are online at the same time).

Sending the homework and notifying students

When you are finished setting up the exercise, click on the status dropdown menu on the top right of the homework room. You should select "ready"

A popup will appear asking you if you'd like to notify the students. If you click "Notify", they will receive an internal message and an email notification.

You can also click on the mail icon on the participant panel:

How students receive and complete homework

Your student can access the homework from their past classes section, or by clicking the link in their notification email.

They can complete the homework by annotating on the whiteboard as usual. Students can navigate between whiteboard tabs and pdf pages, but cannot upload new materials to the homework room.

When the homework is complete, the student can click on the status dropdown to mark the homework as complete, paused, or in progress.

When the student marks it as complete, they will also be asked if they'd like to to notify their teacher.

Accessing students' completed homework

When the student completes the homework, the teacher will get a notification message. They can also check on the status of the homework and see what work the student has done by accessing the homework room from their past classes section.

The teacher can annotate on the whiteboard with any comments and corrections as well as notify the student that they can view the results by clicking on the mail icon again:

Loading homework into future classes

Teachers can load students' completed homework exercises into the Virtual Classroom from the "Past Classes" panel on the right hand side.
To load the homework, find the relevant class and click on the student's profile icon. Then click "Load Homework".

*Please note that this will replace any currently open whiteboard tabs.

Homework FAQ:

Can homework be added before or during a lesson?
> Homework can only be set after the lesson has taken place.

To correct the homework, do I need to reload it into a future class?

> You can correct the homework inside the homework room, and your student will be able to see your corrections and notes.

Can homework be available to a student who didn't attend the class? For example, a no-show.

> Yes, you can share the homework page's URL, and it will be created for them.

Why doesn't my student see the homework button appearing in their past classes section?

> The most likely cause is that the homework status was not set as "Ready" by the teacher. You should open the homework room and set the status from the dropdown menu on the top right.

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