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Class Review

How teachers and students can use the post-class review to check on past class notes, materials, annotations and analytics.

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In web-conferencing tools, whatever notes were written during the class are simply lost as soon as the session finishes.

With LearnCube, all whiteboards, annotations and lesson materials are saved, exactly as they are at the end of your class.

1. Overview

After every class, all of your notes and materials are saved. There are a number of benefits to this.

  • Students can review the class to reinforce their learning.

  • Teachers can check on what they taught in the last class. and even reload those notes into a future one.

  • School Administrators can see what is going on in classes for quality control and teacher support & training.

  • The QOC (Quality of Call) tab can help you to diagnose connection problems.

  • The Learning Analytics tab can give you insights into student participation.

When you open your class review, you will see the class history, all tabs that were left open at the end of class, a QOC (Quality of Call) tab with connection information, and the Learning Analytics tab, which shows student & teacher talk time, and whiteboard interactions.

2. Where to Find Your Class Review

How you access the class review depends on the type of account you have.

You will see the "Class Review" button in a number of places.

After a class

When you end a class, you will see a button allowing you to navigate to the class review directly.

In a Standalone Virtual Classroom Account

You can access all of your class reviews from your "Past Classes" section.

Simply navigate to the past class you want to look at, and click on the button there.

In an Online School Teacher Account

Online School teachers can also access the class review from their "Past Classes" section.

You will see the button on the right hand side, beside the homework button, if this feature is enabled.

Online School teachers can also access the class class review from students' profiles.

In an Online School Administrator Account

Online School administrators can access the class reviews of all teachers' classes in the past classes section and from the students' profiles.

They can also access the class class review from the past classes section in students' admin profiles.

3. How Students Access the Class Review

In a Standalone Virtual Classroom Account

For Standalone Virtual Classroom users, you will need to send the student the class review link. You can simply copy the URL

A learner or teacher can also edit the classroom link by adding /#/review to the end.

For example:

In an Online School Student Account

Online School students can access the class review from their Past Classes section.

If homework has been set for that class, they will also see the homework button.

4. Understanding the Learning Analytics

In the Learning Analytics tab, you can see some figures which will give you insights into student participation.

Currently, you can see student and teacher talk time (in minutes) and whiteboard interactions (the number of times the user clicks on the whiteboard)

You can learn more in this aritcle.

5. Understanding the Q.O.C.

The QOC (Quality of Call) tab can help you to diagnose connection problems.
The data here is not stored indefinitely it's best to check the class review right after a class with connection problems, and take a screenshot if necessary.

You can find more details about how to interpret the charts in this article.

6. Reloading Past Classes

In the Virtual Classroom, you can reload past classes from the class history tab under your settings on the right hand side.
You can learn more about this feature in this article.

Class Review FAQ

  • How long is the class review stored?
    Your learning analytics, class notes, and annotations are stored indefinitely.
    Data in the QOC section is retained for 14 days to aid with troubleshooting of classes with connection issues.

  • Can I video recordings of my classes?

    Video recording of classes is available as an optional extra for Online School and API users.
    It is currently not available for Virtual Classroom users.

  • Who can see the class review?

    For Virtual Classroom accounts, anyone with the link can access your class review.
    For Online Schools accounts, users will need to be logged in before they can access the class review.

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