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Recording classes in the Online School
Recording classes in the Online School

LearnCube offers a recording feature where classes can be recorded in the Online School platform

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Note: this feature is available only to those using the LearnCube Online School platform. If you are an Online School customer and would like to give it a try, please contact us by email or chat for pricing details and access.

LearnCube's recording feature allows you to record a part of a class or the whole class.

Here's how to record a class:

Recording can be enabled when the class is created (there's a "Record Class" checkbox just above the "Save" button) or after entering the classroom and clicking on the round red dot on the top-right of the classroom screen:

If you've chosen the first option, the participants will be notified that the class is being recorded, the teacher will have the option to disable it.

If the teacher turns on recording during the class, it'll require a change to the class and a popup will open asking you to click on Continue. Your student will get a similar notice:

The video boxes in the class will reload and recording will start.

While recording, you and your students will see a pulsing red dot on the top-left, in the video panel. To switch off the recording, click on the round red dot described up above again. It's really important to do this before you exit the class.

Here's how to view the recording:

Once the class has finished, find it by going to the Class Reports page (from your Class admin page, click on Class Reports at the bottom). In the last column (Class Review), click on the Class Recording button:

In the page that opens, click on the play button in the video playing toolbar that appears at the bottom of the page (please note that it might not yet be ready for playing if the recording has only just happened, our video provider needs some time to process the video).

Some notes:

  1. Videos need some time to process before being available to play. If the video doesn't play directly after a class, please give it some time before trying again.

  2. Videos can't be downloaded to your computer at this time. If you'd like a video that's downloaded on your side, then we recommend using an app like Loom

  3. Videos are stored for 30 days.

  4. While you can record a video in a demo room, it's not accessible for viewing afterwards. We recommend that you schedule a class in order to record it.

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