Note: This feature is currently only in beta and for LearnCube customers of our Virtual Classroom API.

LearnCube's recording feature allows you to record a class either manually or automatically (for safeguarding purposes).

User Experience | Recording a Class

The recording can be enabled when the class is created programmatically or manually after entering the classroom and clicking on the round red dot on the top-right of the classroom screen.

If you've chosen the first option, the participants will be notified that the class is being recorded, the teacher will have the option to disable it.

If the teacher turns on recording during the class, it will require a change to the class and a popup will open asking you to click on Continue. The student will get a similar notice.

The video boxes in the class will reload and the recording will start.

While recording, teachers and students will see a pulsing red dot on the top-left, in the video panel. To switch off the recording, the teacher will click on the round red dot described up above again.

Please let teachers know the importance of ending the class. Firstly, it will trigger the recording to start processing and leaving the class open and recording, even accidentally, could result in unnecessary costs for the organisation.

Classes are recorded to cloud storage.

Accessing Video Recordings via API

Once the class has finished, LearnCube will take time to process the recording and make it available to view.

API customers will be able to access recordings via a unique URL. Videos are stored for a maximum of 30 days.

When the recording page is opened, the viewer can click on the play button in the video playing toolbar that appears at the bottom of the page.

To save video recordings locally, right-click on a video in the playback.

Processing time:

It may take some time to process the video once the class has ended.

Often it takes the same time to process as the duration of the class, i.e. if the class is 30 minutes long, it can take 30 minutes after the class is ended in order to process and save the recording to the cloud.

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