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Sharing audio in a screen-share
Sharing audio in a screen-share

How to share the sound from another webpage while sharing your screen

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By default, no audio is included when sharing your screen.

If you'd like to share the audio as well, you will need to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

When you start sharing your screen, choose "Share Tab" and then check the "Share Tab audio" box on the bottom left of the popup.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your classroom is using the green server. You can verify this by accessing the "Settings" panel on the right side of your whiteboard and changing it if needed by utilizing the dropdown menu, in case it is currently on the blue server:

If sharing a YouTube video, we strongly recommend embedding it into the classroom instead. The quality and class experience will be much better, and the video will be saved in your class review for you and your student to access later on.

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