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How to share your desktop screen via the LearnCube virtual classroom

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Below you will find instructions for sharing your screen on LearnCube.

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Steps to share my screen:

  1. Click on the green Screen Share button (bottom right corner), and then click on the Screen Share option.

  2. Choose the screen, window, or browser tab you'd like to share and click "Share".

    This step may be a little different if not using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. For more information see our article on screen sharing with different browsers.

  3. When you're done you can simply close the whiteboard tab.

Please note: Screen sharing on mobile devices, including tablets, isn't currently supported.

Video on How to Share Your Screen in LearnCube

Alex explains how to share your screen and goes through some tips in this short video:
โ€‹(Please note that the user interface has been updated since time of recording)

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