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Sharing your screen with different browsers
Sharing your screen with different browsers

How does the screen share feature work in different browsers?

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This article will give you an overview of how the screen-sharing feature in LearnCube's Virtual Classroom works in different browsers.

For more on how to share your screen, please see this article.

We strongly recommend using one of these browsers if you plan to screen-share during your class as they offer the best user experience when using this feature.

When using these browsers, users will be able to choose which tab to share and allow audio to be shared as well.


Firefox will not allow users to share audio.

The menu is a little different when choosing which screen or window to share. It will appear as a dropdown list:


Safari only allows users to share the active screen they're on, producing an infinite mirror effect:

Note: You will experience this effect in other browsers if you choose to share the same tab as the classroom instead of another app or tab.

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