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What is the difference between recurring classes and courses?
What is the difference between recurring classes and courses?

What kind of classes can I create in my Online School Premium

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On your Online School, you have the flexibility of adding either:

You can simply click on "Add Class" and select one option:

  • A recurring schedule is a practical feature which allows admins to create a series of single classes in one click.

e.g., If you want to create recurring classes that take place every Monday for four weeks, you can create all four at the same time.

These classes are not connected to each other, so if a student would like to be enrolled in all four of them, or one, there's the option. And they need to be enrolled in them one by one:

  • A course of classes is a sequence of classes linked to each other.

When you create a course, you need to take into account that students will need the equivalent of the total of classes in the course to be enrolled for it.

e.g., If you create a course of 12 private classes, a student will need 12 credits to be enrolled in the course. You won't be able to register a student in a few of those classes only.

Because on a course, all the classes are connected to each other, you can enrol students in all of them with one click:

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