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How to create a recurring class schedule (Online School only)
How to create a recurring class schedule (Online School only)
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This feature is only available in our Online School at this time.
You may want to create a recurring class schedule to avoid the annoyance of repeating the same task of creating a new regular class each week, fortnight or month.

This process creates classes that, if spots are left available, will be viewable for students to enrol themselves in.

How to:

Let's start from your Class Admin page and click Add a class.

  1. Choose Recurring schedule

  2. Fill in relevant fields and click Save

  3. Review your new schedule of classes

  4. Edit a class if you like

  5. Success! You've done it.

See below for screenshots.

Fill in the appropriate fields, especially the days you wish to provide the class and the end date or the number of occurrences.

Review your upcoming classes.

Edit a class if you would like to.

You will see your classes appear on your own dashboard if you are also the teacher delivering them; otherwise, you can review this in Class Admin.

IMPORTANT: Recurrent classes can be created with one click, but they are not interconnected. This means students must be registered separately for each class.
Please read more on class options in this article.

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