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Setting up "courses" (sequential classes)
Setting up "courses" (sequential classes)

How to set up a 'course' of live classes through LearnCube

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On our Online School, an admin can create a class, recurring availability or a 'course' of classes.
A course of classes is a sequence of classes. e.g. a single class on Monday and Tuesday for a period of 4 weeks.

An admin can enrol students into these courses

When an admin enrols the student in the course, they are automatically enrolled in all classes associated with that course.

To create a course as a School Admin:

1. From the Dashboard click on Add Class and then on Add course schedule

2. Fill out the form (make sure you include the teacher, the subject and the schedule)

3. Click Save

Course Details page

A) To edit the entire course
B) To enrol a student
C) To see enrolled students
D) To edit an individual class (this does not affect other classes)

You can unenroll students from a course:

โ€‹Tip: The temptation is to create extensive courses of more than 4 weeks but so often schedules change, and then it becomes quite a lot of work to change all classes. We would suggest courses of 2 to 4 weeks.

Each class can be dealt with separately.

The easiest way of editing the class time is to do it from the Calendar View. On the course description page, click on "Calendar":

Once there, search for the class you'd like to edit, and you can simply grab it and move it to the desired new time. (You can even edit the length of the class by dragging the slot as well) :

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