Firstly, if you prefer watching training videos vs reading articles, please join Wilim in talking through everything you need to know about the Virtual Classroom in this fun, free YouTube tutorial series.

However, you'll learn how to get started with our standalone Virtual Classroom below.

Step 1: Your dashboard

This is where you can create, enter and see upcoming classes.

  • Depending on your plan (free, PRO, PRO ESL) it will show you some high-level metrics on your account.

  • You will create new classrooms (these create unique 'direct' links to share with students).

  • Enter classrooms easily with one click from the dashboard.

  • Change your settings via your profile - upgrade plan, logo, colours, profile picture, etc.

Step 2: Enter your first class

When you click Enter class you will be entering the class as a teacher.

You will quickly go through the tests that double-check that you have the right equipment in order to prevent any technical issues.

Note: While LearnCube works with almost every web browser,  to get the best experience we recommend Google Chrome on a computer.  If you're using an iPhone or iPad though, you'll need to use Safari (it's an Apple thing).

Step 3: Explore the Virtual Classroom

  1. Upload a few lesson materials (e.g. PDF or YouTube).

  2. Highlight, draw and type on multiple whiteboards.

  3. Try advanced features including conversation mode, instant conjugation tables, etc.

Step 4: Invite a student

To invite a student or friend to try out the Virtual Classroom, click on the Student Link to share via email or you can send a calendar invite to your student by clicking the Add to calendar button.

Step 5: Create more classes (and edit them for your schedule)

Click on the Create Class to generate new classrooms. They will be scheduled to occur right away but click Edit if you want to change the time or the name of the class.

If you're wondering what it's like for your students, check out the student experience here.

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