We do get enquiries occasionally about why we do not enable folders in the Lesson Library...

This is deliberate to make it faster for you to find what you need because rather than requiring teachers to organise their files into folders, which can be confusing or take precious seconds while the student's attention is waning, we encourage users to use the search bar.

Without some kind of naming system, this can feel quite difficult but spending the extra 5 seconds to properly name a file, will make it really easy for you to find what you need instantly.

When you start typing in the search bar, the library automatically filters the contents and makes it easy to select.

The advantages of using search:

  • Much faster to find any file in your library (because you don't have to click through a dozen folders to get to the file you want)

  • You do not need to worry about organising into folders if you name your files appropriately. For example, which folder should you put an exercise PDF on 'past tense'? It could be under multiple headers of level, category or difficulty... Search means you don't have to choose.

  • We provide additional filters on file type too (PDF, YouTube video, Google Drive, etc)

The tradeoff:

  • Many of us have been trained to use folders so it may take a little getting used to.

  • Library can look daunting until you start typing

Pro Tip: Use a smart title naming convention

Use a smart title naming convention that makes it fast for your teachers to search + find the content they'll be looking for in the classroom.

A good example of a commonly used naming structure is:

e.g. Company level_unit#_lesson# short description.

e.g. LearnCube A1_8_1 order_at_a_restaurant

Note the use spaces and underscores? Why does it matter?

  • If you use spaces between words, any or every word will be searchable

    • e.g. LearnCube

      • See how more than one title with "learncube" is displayed after the search?

  • If you use underscores or hyphens between words, you can make LearnCube's search to be more accurate in searching for a phrase

    • e.g. order_at_a_restaurant

      • See how only one title is displayed after the search?

  • Avoid unusual characters in your titles like ' or = which could accidentally cause an error.

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