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My student can't see the class materials.
My student can't see the class materials.

How can you help your student if they can't see the whiteboard content or the materials uploaded

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If class materials uploaded by teachers are not visible to their students, it is highly probable that the cause is either a slow internet connection or the teacher's attempt to share a large file, which may result in a delay in loading.

If a student cannot view what the teacher is seeing, the quickest solution is for both parties to refresh their whiteboards. This can be achieved by selecting the small refresh button at the whiteboard's top left corner.

When you refresh your whiteboard this way, all your annotations will be saved.

Reload whiteboard materials in virtual classroom

If this doesn't work, you may need to close the tab and try to reload the documents again. In this case, though, your annotations will not be saved. It might be worth asking your student to redo their equipment checks before trying this.

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