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Problems with Sound Quality

Does the audio keep cutting out? Do you hear an echo?

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Are you feeling unsatisfied with the current audio/sound quality in your class?

There are three factors that are important for good sound quality:

  • Not using headphones

  • Poor internet connection

  • Noisy environment

I hear an echo

If you or one of your students is not using headphones, the microphone might be picking up the sound coming out of the speakers, which creates a feedback loop. This can sound like an echo effect or even a loud screech!

We highly recommend headphones to prevent potential issues and improve experience.

If you experience this in class, and headphones aren't an option, it's best to mute the microphone of the participant who is causing the echo or feedback. They can unmute whenever they need to speak.

The sound keeps cutting out.

If the audio keeps cutting out, you may have a poor internet connection.

The best way to check your connection is through our troubleshooter tool.

If your connection speed is low, you can try disabling the video, so that more bandwidth is available for audio.

Ways to fix a poor connection include:

  • Moving closer to the router.

  • Using an ethernet cable.

  • Turning the router off and then on again.

One other thing that can cause the sound to cut out is a faulty microphone or headphones.

It is possible to pass the equipment checks with headphones or a microphone that has a loose connection, as the sound can be intermittent, so you might not notice the problem when doing the checks.

If you suspect your equipment may be at fault, try switching to a different set of headphones or using a different mic.

I hear lots of background noise.

Of course, we recommend teaching from a quiet environment, but this is not always possible for you or your students. If background noise is becoming a common issue, getting a set of headphones with a noise-cancelling microphone is a good idea. These will significantly reduce the amount of environmental noise getting into the class.

If you experience this unexpectedly in class and can't move, it's best to mute the microphone of the participant in a noisy environment. They can unmute whenever they need to speak.

My microphone is working, but I don't hear anything

If your microphone is working on other platforms, but not in the Virtual Classroom, you may have the wrong microphone connected. You can select a different mic in the settings menu inside the classroom. (Read more here.)

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