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Why is LearnCube different and better from generic video-conferencing software like Skype for Business or Zoom?
Why is LearnCube different and better from generic video-conferencing software like Skype for Business or Zoom?

Compare LearnCube to Zoom, Skype, WizIQ, other video-conferencing.

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Unlike generic video-conferencing software that is made for meetings, LearnCube is made specifically for education (particularly academic tutoring and language teaching).

It would not be comparing "apples with apples" if you were to compare the LearnCube Online School with a video-conferencing software (like having Zoom Pro/Skype for Business, Calendly, CRM, Dropbox all in one system and made for online language schools).

If you'd like to compare LearnCube's virtual classroom to other video-conferencing software, here are just 5 initial reasons to choose LearnCube:

  • The school brand is embedded into the LearnCube experience & virtual classroom

  • Our software is download-free. The video is embedded into the online learning environment, with no external app required, so it's simple to understand and teachers can choose the most effective classroom format fo the class.

  • The multi-tab whiteboard is the focus (just as it is in a physical classroom), you can upload/save/reload multi-media files into the lesson library, you can copy/paste images to be efficient and there are so many powerful tools to take advantage of.

  • You can screen-share if you wish but you'll find it much better for students/teachers to annotate/save notes on a LearnCube material/whiteboard.

  • There are more super-powers available to give the teacher the capability of removing distractions, locking whiteboard for groups/kids, setting the pace of the class and keeping students safe. You might also want to google "is {the software you're considering} safe".

There are other operational reasons why LearnCube is superior to video-conferencing software:

  • Operators can quickly add/remove teacher access to the classroom (offering better protection against rogue teachers)

  • You don't have to give up the student and share 'Skype addresses' (which with millions of similar usernames, is often painful for users to find the exact match)

  • There are more opportunities to ensure quality of teaching - teacher ratings + post-class reviews. We also have automated reporting.

There are so many more reasons why the best language schools (Babbel, ABA English, Kern Training) and tutoring companies (Tutorful, Teachme2) choose LearnCube. Let us help you and your school today.

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