This is rare and is most often caused by misunderstanding what should happen.

A virtual classroom is like a shared webpage where you can interact with your teacher in realtime.

There are two types of classrooms that your teacher might be asking you to enter:

  1. Normal virtual classroom

  2. Demo virtual classroom

If it's a normal virtual classroom, you would have been asked to login to the platform first. Have you logged in with the right email and password?

If so, you would have seen the Enter Class button, clicked that, gone through the equipment tests and should be able to enter the class.

Demo virtual classroom

This is sometimes used by some teachers when they're delivering a free trial to make it easier for you to test out the experience. This doesn't require a login. They would have simply shared a link, you would have opened it, gone through the equipment tests and it will say either 'Waiting for teacher' or Enter class. It's easy to miss this last step...

So basically you need to refresh the page to see if that helps, wait for the teacher to invite you in or click the enter class button.

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