Using our Online School solution, there are two ways to get paid:

  1. The pricing page on your website - Take payment on your own site and manually manage class credits
  2. The LearnCube pricing page - Once student logs in, the student can purchase via the payment gateway

Option 1: Your website 

Take payment on your own site and manually manage class credits.

This is an example of how one of our favourite customers manages their student plans:

You take payment via your own shopping cart.

The advantage is you have full control of how your pricing page looks and works.

As the payment takes place outside of our platform, there is no way for us to know that a payment has taken place, so your admin team would need to manually add/manage student credits.

Option 2:  The LearnCube pricing page

You send or redirect the student to your LearnCube pricing page. The student clicks Signup.

Your student creates an account.

Your student chooses the plan they want.

Then chooses the most convenient payment option for them.

We work with the two most popular and user-friendly payment options:

Note that you can also choose to offer a free trial if that suits your business model too.

Once your student has paid, they can login to the student portal.

There they can see clearly the number of classes they have purchased and used.

The student can click the Book a class button, choose an available time for the teacher and take the class.

When the student runs out of credits and tries to book a class, LearnCube will redirect your student to your pricing page to purchase more credits.

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