An online school software provides an all-in-one solution for business owners to run their school or enterprise online more successfully.

This of this like the back-office of a school. The LearnCube Online School software manages:

  • Platform - so users can login from anywhere
  • Class scheduling - making it hassle-free to arrange classes with students
  • Unlimited virtual classrooms - plans are based on number of active users
  • CRM - keeping all your student, teacher and staff records in one place
  • Role management - protecting your data with staff permissions
  • Reporting - discover new insights, reports, monitor attendance, lateness, et
  • LMS - Learning Management System - to create self-paced online classes
  • Centralised class materials for live classes - to improve standards and consistency
  • Pricing plans and packages - automatically reconcile plans based on classes taken

Here's what the LearnCube Online School dashboard looks like:

What are the key characteristics?

  1. You as a business owner have complete oversight over how your school is managed - students, teachers, classes
  2. Gives you control over which staff members have access to student/staff data
  3. Makes it easy to manage classes, payments and students

Note: We have a number of advanced features available only for large enterprise customers that need SSO, custom workflows, etc...

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