The LearnCube pricing page can display 3 - 6 plans (we recommend 3 plans to avoid prospects feeling overwhelmed with choice).

If you'd like to use LearnCube's payment gateway so that students can easily pay for their classes, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. We'll send over a payment gateway form to help you get things configured.

Here's a quick video explaining how the payment gateway works:


We offer two types of plans, either: 

  1. Top-up plans (e.g. purchase a package of 10 classes) 

  2. Subscription plans (e.g. subscribe and get 10 classes every month)


We do not provide a blend of top-up and subscriptions.

As an online school customer, you can change these attributes based on your request:

  • Name of Plan

  • Total amount (e.g. 1 class > $20 | 5 classes > $97)

  • Currency

  • Billing cycle (none or monthly subscription)

  • Payment type (e.g. One-off purchase)

  • Description

See below for examples of a the pricing page. The layout is not customisable but the above attributes are. 

Payment options: We can set you up to accept payments via a Stripe or PayPal account

We work with the two most popular and user-friendly payment options:

  1. If you don't already have them, you'll need to set up a Stripe or PayPal account.

  2. If you're using Stripe, we'll need the API keys to connect Stripe and LearnCube. You can find information on providing the keys here. Add the keys to the payment gateway form.

  3. Additionally, you'll need to add a setting to your Stripe account in the form of a webhook. We have information on how to do that here.

  4. You'll need to decide which currency you want to use and add that to the form. Just make sure it's a supported currency.

How payments would work for your students

If the student is logged in, they will be able to choose the plan they want and their preferred payment method.

Note that you have 100% control over your account with each of these payment methods.  The money goes into your associated bank account.

LearnCube simply provides the integration so that when a user purchases a plan, the student's class credits are automatically updated.

Please note: We do not provide invoicing at this stage. Generally, the few customers who do not take payments directly, use their own accounting software, e.g., Xero or Reckon.

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