Schools want students to be able to book a time with an assigned teacher.

To access the teacher's calendar, the student clicks the assigned teacher from the dashboard.

This will show the teachers availability in green.

The student is only able to click in green time slots. The mouse will show inactive over any other slots.

When a student books a class, a student does not have the ability to change the time. This is only something a Teacher or Administrator can do.

If a teacher wishes to change the time after the booking, they can but clicking inside the start time field and manually changing the time using the keyboard.

Teachers are able to message students inside the platform but only those students that have messaged them.

This gives teachers the opportunity to reschedule classes if necessary.

Staff with School Admin rights can view the entire student database and message users individually. Schools typically only assign the School Admin role to a small number of trusted individuals to minimise the risk of unauthorised access or rogue behaviour.

Note there are now data protection laws, especially in Europe, with stiff penalties for if an online 'processor' does not take reasonable measures to protect this user data.

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