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Assigning a student a particular teacher
Assigning a student a particular teacher
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One of the most popular workflows for online schools is to assign a teacher and for the student to book classes only with that teacher.

Here are the steps to assign a teacher to a student:

1. From the Dashboard, click on Students in the left-hand menu.

2. Click on the name of the student you'd like to assign a teacher to.

3. Click on the Edit Student button.

4. Click Assign teacher and select the teacher you want from the dropdown menu.

5. Click Save

The result for the student is:

  • They can see the assigned teacher from their Dashboard with a 'Book class' button to link to that particular teacher's calendar. See an article about the full flow here.

  • This is very helpful if you'd like the student to keep learning with the same teacher and to be able to choose available times with that teacher.

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