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Edit Class Status Feature

How to manually edit the class status and refund credits if necessary via the Online School

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School administrators now have a new tool providing them with more control and flexibility in various situations: the ability to edit class attendance.

After the class has occurred, administrators can edit the class status (e.g. attended, not attended) and the credits associated with that status change.

This is particularly helpful for a variety of situations. For example, the administrator may wish to:

  • Refund the student a class credit if a teacher has unexpected issues with their computer and cannot deliver the full class.

  • Count a class as attended if a learner had a valid reason for missing the class;

  • Count a class as attended if a teacher/learner decides to switch to a different conferencing software for any reason in order to ensure the class takes place.

Access to the Edit Class Status Feature

On our New Insights Feature, by selecting the class from the Class Summary Class, administrators will see this option.

Leancube Insights Edit Class Option

How to Edit the Status of a Past Class and Adjust Credits for Students

By following these steps, you can easily update the class status and credits for students directly from the class summary panel:

1. Navigate to the Class Summary page.

2. Locate the specific class for which you want to make changes.

3. Click on "Edit" next to the corresponding class summary.

4. A dropdown menu will appear next to each user enrolled in the class. Edit the status accordingly for each user.

5. After editing the status, you can adjust credits for the students based on the changes made on the Credit Log panel below:

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