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New Insights Dashboard Overview

How to make the most of LearnCube's new Online School Insights feature

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LearnCube Insights - Overview

Insights: The new reporting dashboard from LearnCube is now accessible to administrators of our online schools.

This is the first stage of our planned updates to class reporting. While we continue to introduce new features, you will still have access to the legacy version of reporting in your school’s past classes section.

Accessing the New Reporting Dashboard

To access your reporting dashboard, navigate to past classes and click on the button marked "New Insights":

New Insights in Past Classes - Online School - Learncube

This will bring you to the LearnCube Insights dashboard:

Filtering the Search

You can filter the search view by teacher, student, or company using the dropdown bars at the top of the dashboard. To find the user you want to filter by, you can start typing their name or username.

To filter by date, you can click on the start and end dates on the top right, and choose your desired range from the calendar.

You can also choose the timezone you’d like to view the results in. This is especially useful when dealing with students and teachers in different timezones.

Overview Chart

On the top of the dashboard, you'll see a chart showing an overview of the selected time period.

You can change this view by clicking the graph button in the boxes on the left side panel:

Side Panel

The side panel allows you to filter the current view by room type, attendance status, and participant type.

To filter, click on the symbol on the left. (For example, to see all attended classes, you can click on the green tick)

Class List

In the middle of the dashboard, you can see the class list.

By hovering over information points, you can find extra information.

To open the class review, click the eye icon on the right side:

To access a summary with more information about a specific class, click on the information icon on the left side:

Class Summary

When you want more information on a specific class, you can open the class summary by clicking on the information icon in the class list.

This will open the dashboard view for that class.

Here you can see:

  • Class Details - a quick overview

  • Summary - attendance and rating information

  • Credit Log - a record of credits deducted and reimbursed for this class

  • Connection - including time connected and Q.O.C. data

  • Interactions - analytics including talk time pattern, whiteboard interactions, and lesson materials used in class

Editing Class Status

In the Summary section, you will see an “Edit” button on the top right.

This allows you to change the status of a user to Attended, Cancelled, or No Show.

This option means that you can maintain accurate records even in fringe cases, such as classes which are conducted in person, or where the teacher cannot cancel the class on the system in time.

Editing Class Credits

In the Credit Log section, you will see an “Edit” button on the top right.

This allows you to deduct or refund credits for students, due to any issues that may come up. You will be asked to add a reason so that the change can be documented in the credit log.

You can read more about editing class credits from LearnCube Insights here.


To export the class or participant reports, you can click on the download buttons above the class list.

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