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Online Schools: What is the Sample Premium Content Folder?
Online Schools: What is the Sample Premium Content Folder?

ESL, EFL and SSL premium materials offered by Learncube

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Premium Materials

The Sample Premium Content Folder is a specially curated selection of Learncube's premium materials in the multiple languages currently offered: English, French and Spanish. It showcases the wide range of educational materials available to educators providing a glimpse into Learncube's extensive resource collection.

Offered as an optional add-on to all schools, the premium materials within the Sample Premium Content Folder provide a valuable resource for educators seeking specialized content tailored to be used within the Virtual Classroom. These materials have been thoughtfully and professionally created to meet teachers' unique needs and challenges in online classes.

Additional Whiteboards

The Sample Premium folder in the School Library includes two supplementary files that showcase the creative use of whiteboard materials. These pre-designed whiteboards serve as extra dynamic tools for illustrating concepts, presenting information, and facilitating collaborative activities within the virtual classroom.

Special tip: the coloured whiteboard option has been specifically created to benefit students with dyslexia, promoting readability and comprehension in an inclusive learning environment.

Coloured whiteboard - inclusive for dyslexia students

If you are a teacher and need more information about the Premium Content materials, don't hesitate to contact your school administrator. If you are a school administrator and would like to consider these materials as an add-on to your school, you can contact Learncube's support team for any help or questions. These materials empower professional educators with the tools and content they need to deliver engaging and effective lessons in the virtual learning environment.

Learncube is dedicated to empowering educators to deliver engaging and practical lessons, and the materials within the Sample Folder are just one example of the resources available to support this mission.

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