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How LearnCube's Spanish Curriculum Structure is designed

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We are excited to introduce Premium Spanish materials for our teachers.

Introducing the Educational Program Structure

Like our English premium content and our French units, our Spanish materials are specifically designed to be used in the Virtual Classroom.

If you're looking for a comprehensive language learning program that aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and covers levels A1 to C1, then look no further. Our program is designed to equip learners with the skills necessary to navigate real-world situations, and we accomplish this by focusing on competencies rather than just teaching abstract language concepts.

The program is organized into 18 units for each level, with each unit addressing a specific competency. To give you an idea of what to expect, the table of contents for each program includes the name of the unit, the competency covered, and the grammar and vocabulary topics that will be covered.

Each unit follows a similar structure to make it easy for learners to follow along. It includes objectives, vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, listening, writing, pronunciation, review, and a challenge section. The "Skills" section of each unit is where learners get to practice the competency covered in the unit in all four language skills.

We present grammar and vocabulary as functional tools that learners need to master the competency covered in the unit. For example, the grammar topic "reflexive verbs" is introduced as a functional tool for the competency "Describe my routine." This way, learners can immediately put what they learn into practice by constructing sentences such as "I wake up" or "I get up" in all four language skills.

At the end of each unit, there is a pronunciation section, followed by a review section that covers additional grammar, vocabulary, and skill practice, and an optional real-life challenge to help learners apply what they've learned outside of the classroom.

To promote formative assessment, we offer four exams per level. Each exam covers what was learned in the previous 3-5 units, with two production and two comprehension exercises for each unit. Learners can choose one production option (oral or written) and one comprehension option (oral or written) per unit to receive a score after completing 8-10 exercises in total. Of course, you can adapt and use the exams as you see fit for your learners.

Each unit of the exam has a rubric to demonstrate whether learners have mastered the competency, are competent enough to move forward, or need to work on the skills of a unit before progressing to the next competency.

Whether your learners prefer to complete all units of a level without an exam or desire a comprehensive assessment by their teachers, our program is flexible enough to accommodate various pedagogical decisions.

In summary, our educational program is designed to equip learners with the language skills necessary to navigate real-world situations. We focus on competencies rather than just teaching abstract language concepts, and our program follows a structured approach that is easy to follow. With our program, learners can practice their language skills in all four language competencies, and teachers can use our rubrics to assess their progress.

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