Quality English language content is critical for teaching online but very hard to find. 

Most online content is out-of-date, badly designed or crazy expensive...

That's why LearnCube has partnered with expert instructional designers to build a comprehensive set of affordable, online language content.

  • Competency-based curriculum

  • Made for teaching online

  • Special focus on speaking

  • Access all 140+ units (A1 - C1)

  • Covers General, Business and Kids language content.

  • Up to 560 hours+

  • Unlimited use inside LearnCube

  • Affordable teacher subscription (vs one per student)

  • Don't waste thousands of hours piecing together your own content...

If you'd like to hear from the head of LearnCube content, please view this short YouTube video.

More videos available on this YouTube playlist.

The table of contents for all units are available on the following links:

General English

Business English

Young Learner

If you purchase a paid teacher plan, you will have unlimited access to all content in the LearnCube Content library (excluding external publisher content e.g. Oxford University Press have their own licensing agreement).

Get professional, modern and affordable content today.

Content is only available online through the LearnCube platform and must not be printed or shared. We take copyright seriously in order to protect the content of our partners who entrust us with this important task. There are visible ways we track content-use and also "invisible" techniques to track the rare but disappointing cases where content is pirated back to the individuals.

Please don't be one of those teachers who try to steal content that honest teachers have poured thousands of hours into creating. Instead become a customer and one of the thousands of teachers who want to support a bigger, better and more affordable library of premium language content :)

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