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Can I change the virtual background of my video?
Can I change the virtual background of my video?

How to change your background in the virtual classroom

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If you want to change the background of your video in the virtual classroom, you have various options to choose from.

Use Background Blur Video:

Learncube Feature:

  • You can choose to blur your video background from the class pre-checks or from your settings panel inside the classroom:

IMPORTANT: This option will be available only when using Chrome as the browser.

From your laptop:

  • You have the option to blur your background from your top panel if you're using the Learncube Virtual Classroom and have an Apple device.

    You can do this once in the classroom by going to the top right of your screen, selecting the video effects block, and then choosing "portrait" on the control centre icon.

Add a Background Image to your Video:

We're excited to introduce the option for teachers to add images to their video backgrounds.

image as video background

How to add a background image to users' videos:

As a School Admin or Teacher:

Step 1: Create a Video Background Folder

To create a folder for your video backgrounds, go to the Content Library, create a folder and choose "Video Background" from the "Folder Type" dropdown.

The images added to this folder will appear as the first options to be used as video backgrounds.

Note: Images in this designated "Video Background" folder will not appear in the lesson materials in the classroom.

Images for Video Background Folder in the Content Library

Step 2: Add Your Images

Once your folder is created, you can add your images to it. Make sure to add them to the correct folder so they appear first when selecting "image" as a background when entering the classroom.

Step 3: Use Your Images

Now that you have added your images, you can easily use them as a video background. Simply select "image" as your background and choose the image you want to use.

Note: Admins have the same sharing options as with Lesson Materials Folders, meaning they can create one school folder for all teachers within the school to use as their video background.

IMPORTANT: This option will be available only when using Chrome as the browser.

If there are no images available in the folders specifically designated for video backgrounds, users may select other images from their libraries to use instead.

External video software:

  • A third option would be to change your background using an external video software like ManyCam.

    IMPORTANT: Be aware this app might slow down the class and affect the connection quality.

Happy Teaching!

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