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What you need to know before your first class
What you need to know before your first class

How to prepare to prevent tech issues for both teachers and students.

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To make sure your first class goes smoothly and is successful, it's important to have all the necessary basics prepared ahead of time.

  • To teach on LearnCube, all you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and a good internet connection!

  • We also recommend using headphones or earphones.

  • You should use an up-to-date browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    Important: Please note that if using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to use Safari instead.

This video explains in more detail:

It’s also a good idea to run the troubleshooter tool, to make sure that your setup is good to go. This is an expanded version of the pre-class checks and will help you to identify any potential problems. You can find the troubleshooter link on your dashboard.

This is where Online School Premium users would find it:

Here would be for Virtual Classroom users:

Online School students will be prompted to run the troubleshooter automatically as soon as they book their first class.

For Virtual Classroom users, we recommend that you send any new students the troubleshooter link, and ask them to run the troubleshooter before their first class, and after any classes where they experienced technical difficulties.


☐ Good internet connection
☐ Camera
☐ Microphone
☐ Headphones / Earphones
☐ Up to date browser

TIP: You may find that it’s useful to create a welcome email to send to new students.

The following phrases may come in handy for creating a standard template.

Make sure to add your troubleshooter link to the text in bold.

"To access the virtual classroom, you don’t need to download anything. You just need an internet connection, a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone, and an up-to-date web browser."

"I recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can download the latest version of Chrome here and of Firefox here.

If you are using an iOS device, you must use Safari only."

"When you enter your first class, you will be asked for permission for your camera and mic.

In the popup window, please click "Allow" or "Share"."

"You can connect to the classroom from a phone or tablet, but I do recommend a laptop or desktop for the best experience."

"I strongly recommend using headphones or earphones for better sound quality."

"If you like, you can use this troubleshooter tool to test your computer before your first class."

"If you have any problems passing the equipment checks, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will try to help."

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