Syncing your classes to your calendar

If you use an external Calendar app on your computer or phone, adding your classes to your calendar allows you to keep up-to-date.

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Whether you use our Online School platform or a standalone Virtual Classroom account, both allow you to add your classes to your Calendar app.

Online School platform

  1. Log into your Online School account and go to the calendar page (/calendar)

  2. Click on the Calendar Integrations button on the top right:

  3. Choose which calendar option works for you:

    1. Google Calendar: opens your Google Calendar and asks you to confirm whether you'd like to add the Calendar feed.

    2. Microsoft Outlook: opens Outlook and asks you to confirm whether you'd like to add the Calendar feed.

    3. ICS file: downloads a file that you can use to upload to any calendar app.

  4. Your calendar will automatically update as your classes change (please see Google's limitation below).

Please note:

  • It can take up to 12 hours for changes to reflect on a Google Calendar. This is a limitation on Google's side and beyond our control.

  • It's a read-only calendar, so it won't sync back to LearnCube if you make changes in your calendar app.

  • Calendar syncing is only available to those with an admin or teacher role, not teacher-limited or students.

Standalone Virtual Classroom account

  1. Log into your LearnCube account and go to the dashboard. Create a class or if you have one created, click on the Add to Calendar button:

  2. Select the calendar option that suits you, and the class will be added to your calendar app.

Please note:

  • We don't currently offer a standalone Virtual Classroom account calendar feed. Each class will need to be added to your calendar.

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