Managing staff role permissions

What are the different roles in the Online School? (OS Premium only feature)

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As your school grows, you'll want to be able to manage which teachers and staff can access particular information.

LearnCube is made specifically with schools in mind so we differentiate between:

  • School Admin (full access to everything)

  • CRM Admin (only able to modify student information. Great for the new receptionist.)

  • Staff (Allows access to Class Admin page and often used in conjunction with Teachers role)

  • Teachers (Able to manage availability, invite students to classes, etc. Great for trusted teachers.)

  • Teachers Limited (Only able to enter classes. Unable to change teacher availability, etc. Great for new or part-time teachers.)

See the table below for a more in-depth breakdown of permissions:

You can manage the permissions for a staff member by editing their profile.

NOTE: It's important to keep in mind that Teacher and Teacher Limited cannot be merged into a single user account. These permissions were designed to provide School Administrators with options when hiring teachers under different types of contracts.

This feature is incredibly valuable as your school grows and you're working with both permanent employees and contractors.

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