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Holding classes for large groups of 8 or more
Holding classes for large groups of 8 or more

What is Webinar Mode? The LearnCube Virtual Classroom can hold up to 15 participants.

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When teaching a large group, the challenge for the teacher is engaging and effectively controlling so many students.

LearnCube cares deeply about the online learning experience, so we designed a specific classroom format to make teaching larger groups online easier, more effective and require lower bandwidth.

The Webinar Mode Add-on is a beta feature available to schools using our Online School platform on request. Contact us for pricing information and to give webinar mode a try.

With the Webinar Mode Add-on enabled, you are able to have up to 15 participants in the class, but the only video showing will be the presenters and one chosen co-presenter (that can be switched during the class).

Your teachers will find this format reduces distractions, minimises technical issues and opens up better opportunities for students in a large class to discuss ideas, role-play, and interact.

Here's how it works:

When creating an individual class, check the Webinar Mode box on the bottom right:

webinar mode classes in virtual classroom

Once you've entered the classroom, you'll see the teacher's video feed but not the video feed of any other participants who are not presenters.

When your students enter the room, they will see this screen explaining webinar mode:

You'll see your teacher's video on the top left.

The chat is underneath, where people will be able to type messages to you and the group.

If you would like to make someone a co-presenter, you can click on their icon at the bottom (they can also request to be a co-presenter by clicking on the video icon in the chat). Once made co-presenter, their video will become active and visible to the rest of the group.

Teacher's view on How to Make Co-Presenter

You can Remove a co-presenter by clicking on the relevant student icon again (bottom left) or the x on the top right of the student video.

Students can also request to become co-presenters from the video button on the bottom left screen.

Student's view on How to Request to Become Co-Presenter

The Importance of Teachers Testing Webinar Mode BEFORE Their First Class

It can take a few classes before teachers feel really confident in the format, so it's important to try this format out at least a few times with friends or peers before jumping into a class with 9 - 15 people.

A lack of confidence in the tool is the more common issue for teachers. The symptoms are the teacher purely lecturing, not inviting students to "co-present", and not using breakout rooms when appropriate.

Teaching Tips Using Webinar-Mode

  • For the first class, write this in the chat:

    • "Just a quick explanation of how this classroom works. We will start the class with your video and microphone disabled. However, at some point, I will invite you to "co-present" and participate in video in the classroom. Please use the chat to ask questions or 'raise your hand' if you'd like me to activate your video."

  • Add one student to 'co-present' at the start of subsequent classes so students become instantly familiar with the format.

  • Regularly change the 'co-presenters'

    • This means you can fairly share the classroom and the teacher's attention

    • Also, students can raise their hand

  • Invite students who are not co-presenters to engage via the chat

    • The chat is public and visible to all, so a natural place for discussion and questions.

  • Each student will be a different colour; if you hover over any annotations, you will see the name of who wrote them.

  • Have each student write their name on the first tab for your own reference and to make it easy to track who you need to invite to co-present or split into breakout rooms.

  • Take 20 seconds to introduce the special classroom format for the first few classes to comfort students unfamiliar with LearnCube's webinar mode. Here's a quick script for teachers:

    • So we're using a special classroom format for today's class.

    • When presenting, you'll only see & hear my video & audio.

    • However, even with a class this size, I like to ensure students can participate regularly, so I'll invite a few students to "co-present" in the classroom. What happens when you're invited to "co-present"?

    • You will see a pop-up confirm, and then once I allow it, everyone in the class will be able to see & hear your video & audio.

    • Once we've finished our discussion or activity, I will remove you as a "co-presenter", and I may invite someone else to take your place.

    • Don't worry. You'll understand how it works as soon as we start, and in the meantime, write in the chat if you have any questions or raise your hand if you want to join me at the front."

Note: Admins, please note that to create this class format, you need to create single classes. Currently, administrators cannot create large-group recurring classes or courses through the Online School.

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