The LearnCube Virtual Classroom has a variety of modes that you can access at the top of the screen: fullscreen, standard class, conversation and whiteboard-only modes. All of these modes (except for whiteboard-only) can only allow up to 8 participants in a class.

Large Group mode is a beta feature, available to schools using our Online School platform on request. Contact us for pricing information and to give large group mode a try.

With Large Group enabled, you are able to have up to 16 participants in the class but the only video showing will be the presenters and any chosen co-presenters.

Here's how it works:

When creating a class, check the Large Group box on the bottom right:

Once you've entered the classroom, you'll see the teacher's video feed but not the video feed of any other participants who are not presenters.

When your students enter the room, they'll see this screen explaining broadcast-mode:

You'll see your video on the top-left with a chatbox underneath where people will be able to type messages to you and the group.

If you would like to make someone a co-presenter, you can click on their icon along the bottom (they can also request to be a co-presenter by clicking on the video icon in the chat). Once made co-presenter, their video will become active and visible to the rest of the group.

That's it! Happy teaching 😀

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