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I'm not a programmer but want to integrate LearnCube
I'm not a programmer but want to integrate LearnCube

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This is a common question, particularly for entrepreneurs that are starting out: "How do I put a button on my website that takes students to a classroom?"

Before trying to get someone into a classroom, we need to back up a bit...

To get a customer into their first class, the following things need to have happened:

  1. They need to know you (usually learning about your service on your website)

  2. They need to have contacted you (usually through a contact form from your website)

  3. You need to have scheduled a time (usually by email or sometimes through a scheduling software like Calendly)

  4. You need to share the right LearnCube classroom link

Every classroom link is unique (otherwise it's like having a classroom with the door wide open... anyone can come in at any time. It's also hard to provide good reporting and share notes).

So then with this information in mind, how can you share the right LearnCube classroom link with the right student?

The idea of putting a button on your website to send the right student to the right classroom is only possible through our API.ย 

Don't know what an API is? No problem, but it does suggest that it will not be relevant for you and the best way forward is by following these simple steps to invite students to a class.

P.S. If you do have an existing online platform made and want to programatically create virtual classrooms to deliver live online classes, then the LearnCube Virtual Classroom API could be perfect for you.

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