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Virtual Classroom REST API... what is it?
Virtual Classroom REST API... what is it?

Looking for more information on LearnCube's API integration?

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An API (application programming interface) is a way for different online services or products to "talk to" and connect with each other.

Think of an API like a waiter in a restaurant. If you want to order a plate from the kitchen, it's the waiter that delivers your order to the kitchen and brings back your order to your table.

Our API is going to serve your online platform with a virtual classroom. It is REST-based (Representational State Transfer); meaning that our API can work with your system or LMS regardless of what programming language is used.

It will also give your development team critical information (logs) that can be used to support your operations team.

If you're an owner, you can learn about the key benefits of an API here.

If you're a developer or CTO, you can learn why developers prefer LearnCube.

Note: We do have a standalone virtual classroom option if you don't have a programmer.

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