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Why owners choose the virtual classroom API?
Why owners choose the virtual classroom API?

The difference between a 'standalone' classroom vs API

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Let's start with a common comparison: a standalone classroom vs API virtual classroom.

A standalone classroom does not require any coding and is fast to setup. You can learn more about our standalone classroom here

The virtual classroom API enables you to integrate the classroom into your own existing platform.  To do this you need an experienced programmer or development team.

The API has 2 major benefits for the owner of an online school or online tutoring platform:

  1. Superior user experience

  2. More efficient management and business insights

1. Superior user experience

The API allows you to streamline the customer experience to make it easier for first-time students and helping students navigate in and out of the classroom (especially if you can provide brand consistency inside the classroom)

As an owner or operator, you add a lot more value to the teacher-student relationship by providing a professional virtual classroom with lesson materials and an interactive whiteboard.

The improvements to the learning experience are magnified by the improvements to the overall customer journey.

2. More efficient management and customer service operation (better insights)

One of the key reasons, online schools and education platforms are interested in using an API is because it opens what is typically a 'black-box'.

If you do not enable the virtual classroom to communicate with your platform, you have no insight into what happens after the student and teacher disappear into their lesson.

This can have a range of implications for the operations team and customer support:

For example:

  • If a student complains the teacher was late - can you verify this?

  • If a student requests a refund - can you see when the student entered the classroom?

  • If the student says there is a technical issue - can you see the reason in the backend?

Most API can help with some logs but LearnCube gives you the most insight into what exactly happens inside your classroom.

We already provide logs on attendance, activity on the whiteboard and technical issues but will add more transparency with video recordings, post-class reviews and transcriptions.

You can use this data to ensure the quality of your teachers and optimise the customer experience to grow your business.

P.S. If you want to know how LearnCube compares to the rest, please view this Comparison guide here.

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